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Cardiff Painter and Decorators Services is the perfect choice to give your living space a warm, welcoming appeal that will make you feel at home and leave a lasting impression with your visitors..

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"I was very pleased,found Cardiff Decorators Services thorough, clean a painting job well done"

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Making Home Interior Designs Matter 


We specialise in providing a top-class painting and decorating service at a highly competitive price. Whether you are looking for commercial or domestic decorating services, we are fit for the job.

Bathroom decoration
Creating A Residential Impact


Every home is different and every customer has a different vision of how they want theirs to look. We do our very best to bring that vision to life. Here are some of our projects we have had the pleasure of completing.


Take any pictures, mirrors and ornaments and put them in a safe place.


Move your furniture. If you have the storage space, the furniture room should be completely clear. If this is not feasible, simply move it to the room middle. The painter will  bring protective sheets to the job


Curtains and blinds should be removed to cover them from splatters of paint. This may even be a good opportunity for you to give them a thorough scrub and clean.


If you're preparing yourself for the walls, make sure you're done the day before so that the decorator can start immediately. Tip: Polycell Fast Drying Filler is great when you're in a hurry to make minor repairs to the walls. In ten minutes, it dries, sands comfortably, and does not shrink or crack.


Whiz over the floor with the vacuum cleaner so there is no dirt between the rug and the skirting. The last thing you want is a blast of air on the new paint before it dries.


It might sound obvious, but make sure you've got enough paint if your buying your own. Nothing is more frustrating than rushing halfway through decoration to the paint store.

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