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Cardiff Painter and Decorators Services is the perfect choice to give your living space a warm, welcoming appeal that will make you feel at home and leave a lasting impression with your visitors..

T**** Wall  recommends Cardiff Painter and Decorator Services.


"We were very pleased. I found Cardiff Painter and Decorator Services thorough and clean. A job well done"


Making Interior Designs Matter 

Every home is different and every customer has a different vision of how they want theirs to look. We do our very best to bring that vision to life.

We specialise in providing a top-class painting and decorating service at a highly competitive price. All while taking extra care in your home to ensure everything is left clean and safe when our work is complete. 



Decorating for small businesses in Cardiff

We Can Work Around You

If you own a small business in Cardiff and would like to find out what we can do for you, please give us a call and arrange a visit.


Preparing for your appointment

-Take any pictures, mirrors and ornaments and put them in a safe place. 

If you have screws in the wall that hang pictures/mirrors etc., leave the screws in unless you want the holes filled in. 


-Move your furniture. If you have the storage space, the room should be completely cleared. If this is not feasible, simply move it to center of the room. The painter will  bring protective sheets to the job


-Curtains and blinds should be removed to cover them from splatters of paint. This may even be a good opportunity for you to give them a thorough scrub and clean.


-Whiz over the floor with the vacuum cleaner so there is no dirt between the carpet and the skirting. The cleaner the room the better.


It might sound obvious, but make sure you know what paint and colours you want to use and that you

have enough paint if your buying your own. 

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